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iGateway Device Package
GW17AC1 iGateway – Audi Dual CAN (Quadlock) Device Pack      129,99
GW17AC2 Gateway  – Audi Dual CAN (ISO) Device Pack      129,99
GW17BM1 iGateway – BMW 17Pin Device Pack      129,99
GW17BM4 iGateway – BMW 40Pin Device Pack      129,99
GW17OC1 iGateway – Opel Dual CAN      129,99
GW17OC2 iGateway – Opel CAN i-type      129,99
GW17OC3 iGateway – Opel CAN (CD70, DVD90)
GW17PC1 iGateway – PSA Dual CAN Device Pack      129,99
GW17V21 iGateway – VW BAP CAN      129,99
GW17VC1 iGateway – VW CAN Device Pack      129,99
Gateway 300 Device Package:
GW33AC1 Gateway 300 – Audi Dual CAN (Quadlock) Device Pack      179,99
GW33AC2 Gateway 300 – Audi Dual CAN (ISO) Device Pack      179,99
GW33BM1 Gateway 300 – BMW 17Pin Device Pack      179,99
GW33BM4 Gateway 300 – BMW 40Pin Device Pack      179,99
GW33OC1 Gateway 300 – Opel Dual CAN      179,99
GW33OC3 Gateway 300 – Opel CAN for DVD90      179,99
GW33PC1 Gateway 300 – PSA Dual CAN Device Pack      179,99
GW33V21 Gateway 300 – VW BAP CAN      179,99
GW33VC1 Gateway 300 – VW CAN Device Pack      179,99
Gateway 500 Lite Retail package
GWL1DB1 Retail package for GATEWAY LITE D2B      269,00
GWL1MO1 Retail package for GATEWAY LITE MOST      269,00
New improved Gateway Lite Retail package WITH LONGER CAR SIDE HARNESS (WITHOUT USB cable )
GWL3AI2 GW Lite 3 Audi IDC        94,49
GWL3AU2 GW Lite 3  Audi CDC        94,49
GWL3AF8 GW Lite 3  Blaupunkt /Fiat/Alfa        94,49
GWL3BM1 GW Lite 3  BMW 17pin conn        94,49
GWL3BM4 GW Lite 3  BMW 40pin conn        94,49
GWL3HB1 GW Lite 3  Honda 12pin conn Package        94,49
GWL3MA1 GW Lite 3  Mazda 12pin conn Package        94,49
GWL3RE8 GW Lite 3  Renault/VDO        94,49
GWL3SK1 GW Lite 3  Skoda Stream        94,49
GWL3SU1 GW Lite 3  Suzuki 12pin conn Package        94,49
GWL3TO1 GW Lite 3  Toyota/Lexus 12pin conn Packa        94,49
GWL3VW1 GW Lite 3 VW 12pin conn.        94,49
GWL3VW8 GW Lite 3 VW 8pin conn.        94,49
Accessories for new improved Gateway Lite (GWL3XXX)
Gateway Lite BT (A2DP) Retail Package
GBL3AI2 GW Lite BT Audi IDC      129,00
GBL3AU2 GW Lite BT Audi CDC      129,00
GBL3AF8 GW Lite BT Blaupunkt /Fiat/Alfa      129,00
GBL3BM1 GW Lite BT BMW 17pin conn      129,00
GBL3BM4 GW Lite BT BMW 40pin conn      129,00
GBL3HB1 GW Lite BT Honda 12pin conn Package      129,00
GBL3MA1 GW Lite BT Mazda 12pin conn Package      129,00
GBL3RE8 GW Lite BT Renault/VDO      129,00
GBL3SK1 GW Lite BT Skoda      129,00
GBL3TO1 GW Lite BT Toyota/Lexus 12pin conn Packa      129,00
GBL3SU1 GW Lite BT Suzuki 12pin conn Package      129,00
GBL3VW1 GW Lite BT VW 12pin conn.      129,00
GBL3VW8 GW Lite BT VW 8pin conn.      129,00
Gateway Pro BT Retail Package with Handsfree option
GWP1AC1 Gateway Pro BT – Audi Dual CAN Device Pack with Quadlock      219,00
GWP1AC2 Gateway Pro BT – Audi Dual CAN Device Pack      219,00
GWP1BM4 Gateway Pro BT – BMW with 40pin Connector      219,00
GWP1OC2 Gateway Pro BT – Opel Dual CAN      219,00
GWP1PC1 Gateway Pro BT – PSA CAN Device Pack      219,00
GWP1VC1 Gateway Pro BT – VW CAN Device Pack      219,00
GWP1V21 Gateway Pro BT – VW CAN BAP Device Pack      219,00
Accessories for Gateway Pro BT (GWP1xxx)
EXT1CP2        22,00
GW5 Retail package content:
GW51MO2 GW5-MOST      429,99
GW51AU1 GW500 for Audi      299,00
Gateway 500S retail package
GW52MO1 Gateway 500S – Single FOT BT      419,00
GW52MO2 Gateway 500S – Dual FOT BT      449,00
GW53MO1 Gateway 500S – Single FOT      389,00
GW53MO2 Gateway 500S – Dual FOT      419,00
Standalone Enabler for GW500, GW500S, GW500S BT (BMW E series)
GEN2BME Standalone Enabler for GW500, GW500S, GW500S BT (BMW E series)        49,00
SML1CCC Smartlink Mirroring Interface for BMW CCC Systems      599,00
SML1CIC Smartlink Mirroring Interface for BMW CIC Systems      599,00
SML1GEN Smartlink Universal      399,00
Smartlink accessories
SML11SG 6 pin to 11 pin adapter for Samsung Galaxy SIII or later versions
EXTHDMI HDMI extension cable
EXT1ICO1 External video-in connector
Smartlink enabler
EN1VTBM Bought in bundle with Smartlink        59,90
EN1VTBM Bought separately      129,00
Video Solutions
ICO1GEN iCon Video Adapter (universal)      149,00
ICO1BM1 iCon Drive Retails Package for BMW      449,00
ICO1AU1 iCon Drive Retails Package for Audi      449,00
GW53MBF Gateway 500S Single FOT + F-series BMW Enabler      549,00
GWMMI3E Audi MMI 3 Enabler      299,00
VIM1BMF Video in Motion enabler for BMW ‘F’ series      199,00
MICK1GEN Generic Microphone Kit for Gateway BT devices          9,90
MICKAU01 car specific microphone fo Audi        24,99
MICKAU02 car specific microphone fo Audi        24,99
MICKBM01 car specific microphone fo BMW        24,99
MICKVW01 car specific microphone fo Volkswagen        24,99
Audio Video Router
AVRG5A1 AUDI MMI-2-NO VIM_GW5      179,00
AVRG5B1 BMW iDrive CCC (professional)      179,00
AVRG5P1 Porsche PCM 2.0 & 2.1      179,00
iPod Video Router
IVA2010 iPod Video Adapter        44,90
IRD10GEN Dension Webradio        99,00
IRF10GEN Dension Webradio FM        99,00
DAB solutions
DABACC1 DAB for Gateway      129,00
DBU1GEN DAB+U; DAB-Radio Receiver      149,00
DBP1GEN DAB+P; DAB-Radio Receiver      149,00
Wi-Drive Hotspot
WID11GEN-3G Wi-Drive Hotspot      149,00
Lightning Cradle
IP5LCRU iPhone 5 Cradle DIY mounting        44,90
IP5LCRP iPhone 5 cradle with professional mounting option        59,90
Lightning Cable
IPLC1GW iPhone Lightning Cable Retail Pack        24,90
DIN9 iPod docking cable
IPO5DC9 DIN9/5V iPOD Orange Conn Dock Cable Kit, 1A charging        31,99
IPDC1GW Single iPod dock cable pack (5V;MDIN9)        19,99
DIN9 iPod Cradle (3G)
IP44CR9 3G 9Pin/5V iPod Cradle Kit 1A charging support        31,99
IP44IP4          9,90
DIN9 iPod Cradle Kit (5G)
IP51CR9 5G DIN9 iPod Cradle Kit        31,99
IP51AD1 Cradle sleeve          7,00
IP51AD2 Cradle sleeve          7,00
IP51AD3 Cradle sleeve          7,00
IP51AD4 Cradle sleeve          7,00
IP51AD5 Cradle sleeve          7,00
Cradle Kit for ice>link Lite and ONE
IP52CR9        31,99
Dension certified TDK pendrive/USB stick
TDKUSB08 TDK USB stick TF10 8GB Black        14,90
TDKUSB16 TDK USB stick TF10 16GB Black        24,90
TDKUSB32 TDK USB stick TF10 32GB Black        34,90
car dock for iPhone        89,90
car dock for smartphone        89,90
car dock for smartphone variations
SPD1SB3 Simple Holder        19,90
SPD1SB4 Cardock Lite        49,90
SPD1SB5 Cardock Lite Plus        59,90
Extension Cradle MOQ: 58 pcs
IPH1PT0 Extension cradle        55,90
TripStick MOQ: 54 pcs
MHS10GEN TripStick        59,90
IPH1GW0 iPhone cradle extention kit for Gateway        59,90
car dock for iPhone Accessories
IPH1CL0          9,90
IPH1MH0        19,99
IPH1AUX          4,90
IPH1UD0          4,90
IPH1GWC          9,90
IPH1WSP          9,90
IPH1RP1          4,90
IPG3CR0 UNIMOUNT In Black SNAP Edition (see-through box)          9,90
iPod charging Adapter
IPO12V5V 12V-5V iPod Charging Adapter
Extension cables
EXT1IP8 8Pin iPod extension cable        10,00
EXT2IP9 9PIN iPOD EXTENSION CABLE (2m)        10,00
EXT1GW0 GW EXTENSION KIT, iPod-2m;USB-2m cable        15,00
EXT1GW5 GW500 Extension kit [2m AUX, ipod, USB extension cables]        35,00
EXT1AU1 AUX IN EXTENSION cable 3.5mm jack (1,3m)          3,00
35EXT401 4,5 m cable ICE-LINK EXTENDER        23,81
EXT1BM4 Extension Cable for GW Five BMW 18Pin  (4,5m)        44,90
USB2000 USB cable and clip for GWL2XXX          9,99
Power Booster for 1A charging support (for iPhone 3Gs/4G and touch 4 with iOS4)
IPB0DIN Gateway Lite MOST/D2B, Ice>Link ONE (only with ILF7CR91)***recommended (4PIN)        19,90
IPB1DIN IPB for Gateway 500        19,90
IPB2DIN Gateway Lite, iGateway (5V versions
GW17xxx) non CAN and GW300
non CAN
IPB8DIN iGateway CAN (5V versions GW17xxx) and GW300 CAN        19,90
UPB1000 USB Power Booster        24,99
Fiber Optical Accessories
FOA1TL1 Tyco type simple optical loop        20,00
FOA1TY1 Tyco-Yazaki Converter kit        30,00
FOA1PO1 Porsche Cayenne optical extension kit for GW500 MOSt        69,00
FOA2DB1 Optical signal attenuator D2B APS for GW500          7,99
FOA1G51 Optical connection kit for GW500        24,90
FOA2DB2 OPTICAL LOOP for GW Lite D2B CDC          4,90
CDR Retail Pack:
CDR2AU2 AUDI        50,00
CDR2BM4 BMW 40PIN        50,00
CDR2VW1 VW 12PIN        50,00
WRC1GED WiRC device only        95,00
WRC1CAR1 Blue      219,00
WRC1CAR2 Orange      219,00

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